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Acoustics Services

We can address all the technical acoustics services aspects of  a project’s entire lifecycle, from feasibility  investigation and design development through to  construction management and post-project  commissioning in reference to and higher standards  required by International and British Standards,  Building Regulations, Local Authorities, commercial  developers, clients and operators and individuals  alike.

Noise and Vibration Analysis is as critical to building and infrastructure developments as it is to industrial plants, machines, transport systems and products. What sets Safe Acoustics apart from other Acoustic Engineering companies is our ability to conduct Acoustic Analysis and Simulation for the buildings and  environment, as well as the transport sector and heavy industry.

Some of our consulting services, in detail:

Building / Architectural Acoustics

Acoustics Services

We are Building Acoustic specialists and can assist with  the design of building envelope and Internal sound  Insulation to ensure compliance with Local and  international standards.

We offer architectural and general building acoustic services for the following:

  • High-rise buildings
  • Housing Developments
  • Hotel and Apartment Developments
  • Commercial and Office Developments
  • Restaurants, Café and Bars
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Schools, Colleges and Child Care Centres
  • Defence Facilities and Bases
  • Industrial and Warehouse Facilities
  • Auditoria, Convention and Exhibition Centres,
  • Theatre Design and Refurbishment
  • Inter-tenancy Noise Control
  • Airport Buildings and Technical Facilities
  • High Speed Train Structures and Stations
  • Metro and Tram Stations

Services usually involve the provision of advice on sound proofing/acoustic criteria for partitions, ceilings, doors, windows, service penetrations and floors as required by relevant standards and design guidelines. This includes the review of architectural drawings and provision of acoustic rated partition mark ups. Mechanical services, duct attenuators, acoustic louvres and silencers are regularly considered on larger projects.

Environmental Acoustics


We provide a range of noise and vibration impact  assessments from planning applications and outline  concepts through Environmental Impact Assessments  (EIA) and Public Inquiry to detailed design of mitigation  measures in reference to Local and International standards.
Noise pollution is considered one of the most critical environmental issues when lodging a planning application or an insurance claim, meeting EPA regulations, installing new plant and equipment, avoiding council complaints, upholding health and safety guidelines, or appeasing resident concerns.

We offers the following services in assessing and managing environmental noise impacts:

  • Noise Impact Assessments for new Development Approvals (EIS, EIA, Council Development Applications ‘DA’, Commonwealth approvals), for new Mines, Quarries, Heavy Industry, Manufacturing and Processing Plants, Water/Waste Facilities, Entertainment Venues, Defence Facilities, Power Stations, Wind Farms, Solar Farms and other large scale developments.
  • Noise Impact Assessments for new or upgraded infrastructure: Roads, Rail (freight, commuter, trams), Tunnels, Multi-use Hubs/Interchanges, Airports and Ports.
  • Field measurements and noise monitoring, using in-house calibrated equipment. Noise monitoring trailer for standard road surface noise measurement.
  • 3D modelling and noise simulation, using validated algorithms and software. Noise contour mapping.
  • Traffic modelling and simulation, noise regeneration and aurolization
  • Noise source identification and definition. Low frequency noise, tonality, modulation, impulsive noise and acoustic induced vibration.
  • Noise mitigation and control treatments and specification, noise management plans.
  • Road and Rail Noise Mitigation, Noise barrier design (noise walls, sound barriers, acoustic fences) to control road/rail noise emissions to sensitive receptors

The earlier we get involved in a project, the easier it is to find a cost-effective solution which meets the needs of both our client and the local planning authority. Remove costly revisions and minimise disruptions by integrating acoustic elements into the overall design of a development. Early consultation can save huge money on project costs.

Acoustics Services

Vibration Simulation


We have extensive experience and knowledge in the  field of vibration and its implications on structural  integrity, occupancy comfort and re-radiated noise.

Ground vibration simulation and monitoring is required to manage vibration impacts from

  • Construction, demolition, and blasting
  • Vibration specifications of sensitive equipment, such as electron microscopes
  • Vibration conditions and sources at proposed building sites
  • Construction vibration monitoring at nearby sensitive receptors (ie. residential dwellings, educational facilities etc.)
  • Structural dynamic modelling
  • Design measures to minimise structural vibration levels and isolate vibration sensitive equipment
  • Road and Rail Vibration noise mitigation
  • Road and Rail Tunnel ground vibration modeling and simulation
  • Noise monitoring to determine levels experienced at sensitive receptors (ie. residential dwellings, educational facilities etc.) within close proximately to an existing or proposed road/rail alignment
  • Acoustic modelling of new and upgraded road/rail alignments to predict noise levels at nearby sensitive receptors

Building Services Noise


We advise on noise and vibration from building  services installations to ensure suitable levels are  compliant with all necessary standards, regulations  and local planning requirements for noise travelling  outside your development as well as internally  within a building.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, hot and cold water services, electrical generation systems, lift and escalator systems are all potential sources of undesirable noise and/or vibration.

Ductborne crosstalk weaknesses as well as the basic requirement for plantroom wall/slab thicknesses or even isolation of slabs in lightweight building structures are all important. Unfortunately, noise control of building services does not simply involve the placement of attenuators at various points in a system. In an typical system, the acoustic consultant must have awarenesss of the complete design. Only on this basis can comprehensive recommendations be made regarding duct velocities, damper locations, terminal device selections and other potential issues.

We undertake noise surveys and assessments in the following areas:

  • Residential/Office/Retail developments: BS8233 / BS4142
  • Commercial/Industrial developments: BS4142
  • ProPG Stage 1 & 2, AVO, Acoustic Design Statements
  • School and Hospital projects: BB93 and HTM 08-01
  • Noise and vibration control for building services systems: CIBSE Guide B4
  • Building Regulations Approved Document Part E

Testing & Measurement


As one of the most experienced sound insulation  testing team, we have extensive knowledge in the  field of acoustic testing and measurement of  residential properties, office buildings, industrial  facilities, mosques, churches, cinemas, shopping  malls, hospitals and schools, especially in post-  project commissioning.

We carry out airborne and impact sound insulation pre-completion tests to ensure compliance of party walls and floors with current building regulations. We work with architects, consultants, contractors and clients on single or multi-dwelling developments and offer mitigation advice and re-testing if required.

Current measurement standards:

  • BS EN ISO 140 – Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and building elements.

Part 4 – Field measurements of airborne sound insulation between rooms

Part 7 – Field measurements of impact sound insulation of floors

  • BS EN ISO 717 – Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements.

Part 1 – Airborne sound insulation

Part 2 – Impact sound insulation

Acoustics Services

Construction and Wind Farm Noise & Vibration


Our state-of-the-art noise and vibration monitoring  solutions can notify you via web-based system and email  when agreed limits are exceeded and provide remote  login access for real time assessment.

Wecan provide the following services for Wind Farm projects:

  • Predicting construction noise and vibration levels for nearby stakeholders, such as residents and occupants of adjacent facilities
  • Construction noise control to minimise noise and vibration impacts to nearby stakeholders
  • Preparation of environmental noise and vibration management plans
  • Environmental Noise Assessments
  • Acoustic Advice & Project Review
  • Background Noise Monitoring Surveys
  • Noise / Wind Data Regression Analyses
  • Acoustic Model Predictions & Contours
  • Noise Control & WTG Layout Design Input
  • Impact Assessment & Compliance Reports
  • Noise Agreements & Env’l Management Plans

Acoustics Services


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