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A unique solution for simulating, listening to and measuring the acoustic impact of an urban development project

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Acoustics Consultancy

Acoustics & Building Performance Engineering

Based in London and Istanbul, SAFE Acoustics is one of the leading independent acoustic consultancies of the United Kingdom (UK), Turkey (TR)  and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council  (GCC). We specialise in providing solutions in the architectural and environmental fields; in particular sound insulation, ground-borne vibration, building acoustics and electro-acoustics design, building performance simulation services, noise and acoustic assessment. 


SAFE acoustics

Soundscape Audio Simulation

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SAFE services

Acoustics Consultancy

We can address all the technical acoustic aspects of a project’s entire lifecycle, from feasibility investigation and design development through to construction management and post-project commissioning in reference to and higher standards required by International and British Standards, Building Regulations, Local Authorities, commercial developers, clients and operators and individuals alike.

Building Acoustics

The acoustic design and simulation of building envelope and internal sound insulation according to the BS EN 12354, BS 4142, BS 6472, BS 8233 and Approved Document E

Environmental Acoustics

The noise and vibration impact assessments from planning applications and outline concepts through Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

Vibration Simulation

Simulation of the vibration and its implications on structural  integrity, occupancy comfort and re-radiated noise

Acoustic Measurement

Building Services Noise

The noise and vibration from building  services installations to ensure suitable levels are  compliant with all necessary standards and CIBSE Guide B4

Testing & Measurement

The sound insulation, noise and vibration testing and measurement of residential properties, office buildings, industrial  facilities, mosques, churches, hospitals and schools

Construction Noise &Vibration

Our State-of-the-art noise and vibration monitoring  solutions can notify you via web-based system and email  when agreed limits are exceeded

SAFE projects

SAFE Acoustics consultancy completed many pojects including hospitality and leisure, residential developments, large master planning schemes, industrial compounds, health care facilities, schools, auditoria, airports, train and metro stations, performing arts spaces and offices.



Sound Masking

Sound Masking 101 What is Sound Masking ? Sound masking is the process of adding background sound to reduce noise

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