Acoustic Design and Simulation

Acoustic Design and Simulation

Acoustic Design and Simulation for indoor and outdoor spaces Predicting the sound field in spaces in the build environment, both indoors and outdoors, is of high importance in the field of acoustics, both in design and construction environments. In the industry, prediction methods are indispensable, for example in the development of acoustic related products. Also, …

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Sound Masking

Sound Masking 101 What is Sound Masking ? Sound masking is the process of adding background sound to reduce noise distractions, protect speech privacy and increase office comfort. Sound masking is ambient background sound engineered to match the frequency of human speech for greater speech privacy. Adding sound to a space actually makes the space seem …

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Sound Insulation Between Two Rooms

Basic Design of Sound Insulation Between Two Rooms The airborne and impact sound insulation of partitions (walls and floors) and of building elements is normally expressed in terms of a single figure value, based on measurement of the sound insulation over a range of frequencies (typically 50 Hz to 3.15 kHz, although this may be …

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Acoustic Laminated Glass

Acoustic Laminated Glass .. A combination of large thickness, different one between the two panes and wide air space distance (even better if we use laminated glass) provides the maximum noise attenuation. We can reach up to 45dB. Combined effect of glass thickness and air space on the acoustic performance of double glazing. Source: Detailing for …

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